Fundamental Technique & Errors Elicit Stops

Any flaws in fundamental technique are immediately addressed; no performance trials with incorrect technique are allowed to continue. Teachers pay careful attention to the way students execute physical movements in every performance, and flaws in technique do not go unnoticed or unmentioned. When students demonstrate a fundamental flaw, that problem is addressed with utmost priority, superseding any other previously stated performance target. Repetition of the targeted physical movement continues until the technical flaw is corrected, and the lesson resumes its course.

In general, the course of the music directs the lesson; errors in student performance elicit stops. Students come to lessons with a command of the repertoire. Notes and rhythms, except when these have been learned incorrectly, are not topics of discussion. Teachers allow students to play through pieces or sections of pieces in their lessons until errors occur. These are dealt with the instant they occur, with the teacher immediately interrupting performance. Because errors are not permitted to occur without correction, teachers reinforce the idea that performing beautifully and accurately is the goal of every performance trial.