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Gamelan Gongs


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The Nature of Expertise

We examined approximately 25 hours of video recordings of private lessons taught by three internationally recognized artist-teachers:...

Habits manuscript

The Habits of Musicianship

The Habits of Musicianship is an introductory method book for the first year of instrumental class instruction...

IDEA Homepage

Disabilities Information

Locating reliable information and identifying available resources is often difficult for parents, caregivers, and teachers...

Flute embouchure


Live Illustrations by Professionals is designed to afford young musicians a close-up view of artists' embouchures in action...

Brain MRI

Intelligent Music Practice

Recent research findings about how the brain encodes and refines skill memories not only make the process of music learning...

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Video Essays on Learning Music

Eight brief videos that outline the fundamental principles of successful music learning...

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Scribe 5

Scribe 5 is an optimally flexible data analysis program that permits users to label events in live observations or in digital video recordings...

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Good Music People

Good Music People is a nascent program designed for professional musicians and students that facilitates identifying...

Orchestra musicians

UT Music Teaching Alumni Network

An active Facebook Group that connects graduates of the MHL teacher preparation program and...