Artist–Teachers' Insights about Practice

We are very fortunate to work with generous colleagues who, having reached the very highest levels of musical artistry, are willing to share what they've learned over a lifetime of professional music making.

In conducting interviews with these superb musicians and skillful teachers, we found common principles about practicing that all of them addressed. We organized their ideas into eight brief videos that we present here. 

The interview recordings are organized around the following questions and can be accessed by clicking on the links to the right.

How should I organize my practice time?

How does concentration affect my practice?

How much time should I spend on fundamentals?

What pieces should I play?

When should I think about the artistic stuff?

Should I play things the same way every time?

Can I practice without my instrument?

How does practice change over time?


To learn more about these remarkable artist-teachers, click any of the links below.

Professor Kristin Wolfe Jensen, Professor of Bassoon and Chamber Music

Professor Anton Nel, Joe and Teresa Long Chair in Piano

Professor Ray Sasaki, Frank C. Erwin Centennial Professor Emeritus of Trumpet

Professor Charles Villarrubia, Professor of Tuba, Euphonium, and Chamber Music