Video Performances

The menu on the right lists the Habits melodies that were recorded by professional artists and (coming soon) student musicians. Click on a melody's title to see and hear individual performances on each instrument. On each melody's page, click on the instrument name below the video image to select the instrument model you wish to hear.

We asked the performers to play some of the melodies with multiple interpretations (e.g., different articulations, tempos, phrase shapes). If you're a student, take a moment to hear some of the different ways the melodies can be played. You may think of other ways to perform them as well. Experiment with different options in your own playing and decide which are most successful in conveying your ideas to listeners. It's important that you listen not only to the melodies as played on your instrument. Listen to the melodies played on other instruments, too.

Note: Not all melodies were recorded by all instruments.


Jim Byo and I extend our deep appreciation to my unfailingly generous colleagues in the Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music who so graciously gave of their time and talents in recording some of the music from The Habits of Musicianship. They are superb artists, utterly delightful people, and devoted advocates of providing positive, meangingful music experiences for learners of all ages. They are:

Marianne Gedigian, Sarah and Ernest Butler Professor of Flute

Nathan Williams, Associate Professor of Clarinet

Harvey Pittel, Professor of Saxophone

Ray Sasaki, Frank C. Erwin Centennial Professor of Trumpet

Nathaniel Brickens, Professor of Trombone

Charles Villarrubia, Senior Lecturer in Chamber Music and Tuba, who performs in these recordings on Euphonium


These wonderful musicians will inspire you, as they masterfully demonstrate what it means to play beautifully and expressively, something that every musician is capable of, even those who are just learning to play. Make beauty and expressiveness a priority every day.