Texas Lyricism Competition for Oboe and Bassoon

The Texas Lyricism Competition for Oboe and Bassoon aims to foster attention to the aesthetic and expressive qualities of art music among high school oboe and bassoon students. The competition is perhaps among the first of its kind to focus primarily on how beautifully and expressively young artists can play lyrical melodies. Judging criteria will favor beauty of tone, lyricism, individual interpretation, and effective collaboration.

Competition Organizers and Hosts:

Kristin Wolfe Jensen, Professor of Bassoon

Andrew Parker, Assistant Professor of Oboe

Bob Duke, Marlene and Morton Meyerson Centennial Professor in Music and Human Learning




Grand Prize $2000

Second Prize $1000

Third Prize $500

Honorable Mention Prizes: $200.00 each (up to 3 will be awarded)




Eligibility: Oboe and Bassoon students currently enrolled in high school in the United States, grades 9-12.

For the first round of the competition, performers will submit video recordings through YouTube. Please combine a full run-through of each of the two repertoire selections listed below into one unlisted YouTube video and provide the link in your application. Collaborating with a pianist for the preliminary round video is preferred but not required. Unlisted recordings can be viewed by anyone with a link, but are not searchable. Up to six finalists will be invited to play in recital for the final round in performance halls in the Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music on the University of Texas campus on May 18, 2019. If finalists do not have access to a pianist or if a pianist is unable to attend the final round recital in Austin, the competition will provide a professional collaborative pianist at no charge.

Video recording uploads of the required repertoire, online application, and $20.00 application fee must be received by March 22, 2019

Repertoire for oboists—Please submit video recordings of both the following selections for the preliminary round


Repertoire for bassoonists—please submit video recordings of both the following selections for the preliminary round



For the Final Round, finalists will perform with piano. The competition will provide a professional pianist and one brief rehearsal. You may also choose to bring a pianist with you. Finalists will perform the two pieces included in the preliminary video, plus your choice of one of the following selections:




Application procedures and online application form are available at ApplyTCL.

Please send questions to the Texas Lyricism Competition Team Texas Lyricism Competition.

The Competition is supported by funds from the Marlene and Morton Meyerson Centennial Professorship in Music and Human Learning, the Center for Music Learning, and the Butler School of Music Endowment.

In preparing your recordings...

...we suggest using a professional video recording device such as a Zoom Q3, Q4 or Q8 or a handheld camcorder rather than a phone, tablet or computer to avoid distortion. Depending on the size of your recording space, a minimum of 6 feet between the microphone and your the instruments will likely capture the best sound. Make sure the space is well lit so you are visible in the video. Treat the recording like a performance and dress professionally. Only unedited recordings will be accepted. You should record each movement in a single take. Please combine the two pieces into one file for the youtube upload.

If you've not had experience creating an "unlisted" video on YouTube, there are instructions for doing so here .

We strongly urge contestants to study recordings by master musicians. For Adelaide, study the translations of the lyrics, and strive to convey the sentiment of the poetry in your playing. Notice where the singers breathe, and be sure that your own breaths reflect the flow of the language and musical phrase. Suggested links are below:

Adelaide, Beethoven, Ludwig van:

Oboe Concerto mvmt. 2. Mozart, W.A.:


Bassoon Concerto in Bb, mvmt 2. Mozart, W.A.:

Morceau de Salon, Op. 228.  Kalliwoda, Johann Wenzel:

Sonata in G minor, BWV 1020.  J.S. Bach:

Concerto for Oboe and Strings in A minor. Mvmts. 1 and 3.  Vaughan-Williams, Ralph:


Sonata for Oboe and Piano. Dutilleux, Henri.

Recit, Sicilienne et Rondo. Grovlez, Gabriel:

Romanza Appassionata. Weber, Carl Maria von:

Romance in Eb. Weissenborn, Julius:


Primier Solo. Bourdeau, Eugène: