Reviews of Research in Human Learning and Music

Reviews of Research in Human Learning and Music (RRHLM) is a free open-access digital journal that publishes reviews of literature related to the various dimensions of music activity in the human experience. By publishing substantive, readable reviews of up-to-date research results, RRHLM provides teachers, musicians, scientists, and other scholars current information about music learning, music performance, music perception, and the effects of music on multiple aspects of human functioning. 

There is a wealth of data in cognitive science, behavioral science, physiology, kinesiology, and neuroscience that contributes to our understanding of the processes of music learning. Much of this research is somewhat inaccessible to teachers and other musicians because of its high degree of specialization. In addition, each year hundreds of masters and doctoral students in music and other disciplines assemble reviews of literature for their theses and dissertations. In the case of the small percentage of theses in music education and music therapy that eventually appear in print, only a highly condensed version of the literature review chapter is typically included the published report.

By providing a forum for publishing comprehensive reviews of meaningful research, RRHLM plays a unique role in music scholarship. The journal accomplishes two important goals: (1) dissemination of excellent reviews of our current understanding of music learning and relevant findings from related disciplines, and (2) opportunities for young scholars to publish aspects of their work that, because of page limitations, would not typically find a high-quality publication source. Of course, review articles written explicitly for publication in RRHLM are also welcomed and encouraged.


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