Nelson G Patrick Honors Teaching Fellows

The Nelson G. Patrick Honors Teaching Fellows Program involves the very finest students from the School of Music in substantive teaching experiences with disadvantaged children in the Austin public schools. Unlike many early field experiences in teaching, the Honors Teaching Fellows Program develops long-term relationships between university students and children in the least advantaged areas of Austin, with the expectation that children's successful experiences in music and their introduction to and participation in arts activities at the University will lead to their having more successful experiences in school and in their lives beyond school. The Honors Teaching Fellows Program represents the very best in interdisciplinary collaborations between universities and primary and secondary schools. The University is a rich resource for the teachers and schoolchildren of Austin, and the Honors Teaching Fellows Program seeks to place talented students from the University with children in the Austin schools who may benefit from individual attention and enriching experiences provided through the University. Of course, such a program is mutually beneficial to the university students who participate in carefully structured and skillfully guided teaching and mentoring experiences.

Former Honors Teaching Fellows

Honors Teaching Mentor Faculty