News and Known Issues

We will provide in this space answers to frequently asked questions and descriptions of known issues with Scribe 4.


Unfortunately, browser operations that involve opening files and saving files are no longer possible with Javascript applications like Scribe 4. We are working to find long-term solutions to the problem, but this will take time and we cannot estimate when this issue will be resolved. In the meantime, there is a short-term workaround that will allow you to use Scribe 4 on a Mac (we've not yet tested this with a PC). It involves downloading a legacy version (an older version) of Firefox and using that browser only for Scribe 4. You can obtain a copy of Firefox 17.0 here.

After you install the legacy vesion, be sure to set its preferences to prevent automatic updates of Firefox. Using the older version poses a security risk to your computer, but you may turn off your wireless while using the older Firefox version, which may reduce that risk.

This workaround will also require that you save videos in a different format for use with Scribe 4. There is a simple-to-use video format converter available here. You should convert your videos to WebM for use in Firefox.

We will update this page with new information as it becomes available. 



Some updates on the Firefox browser prevent Scribe from working. Here are two fixes that solve the problem.

Solution #1

Open Scribe in Firefox. Then click on the icon (looks like a Lego brick upper left corner next to the file path) and then "allow plugin."

Alternatively (if you don’t see the icon), Open the browser options menu (icon looks like three horizontal lines upper right). Then click "add-ons" and scroll down to Scribe and select "always Activate" from the dropdown menu. Then close the browser and restart Scribe.

Solution #2

If you can open Scribe in the Firefox browser BUT cannot open or save Scribe files: The browser plugin is not installed. Do the following:

Go to the Scribe folder on your computer (typically something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Scribe 4.2)

Open the folder called plugin

double click on the file scribeplugin.msi (this will install the scribe plugin in Firefox)

Open scribe again in Firefox

NOW you will see a “lego” like icon to the left of the Scribe address in the browser address bar. Click the Lego icon and select “activate and remember.”


If not...

If you're still experiencing trouble, Firefox offers another version of its software called Firefox Extended Support Release, which you can obtain here 

This alternative version of Firefox seems to solve the problem for most users.



Scribe 4.2 is now available through Learning and Behavior Resources. Click the Scribe 4 Order Registration link to the right, and you will directed to their website.
Recent changes in browser security required that we move to video formats that are consistent with HTML5 standards.

Scribe 4.2 will run in the Chrome and Safari browsers on a Mac, and will run in the Firefox browser on a PC.

Scribe 4.2 requires Mac OS 10.6 or 10.7 or Windows XP or Windows 7.

Scribe 4.2 will not open files created with earlier versions of Scribe.

Working with movie files in Scribe 4.2

Scribe 4.2 will play newer .mov files in the Chrome and Safari browsers, but not older .mov files. Movie files can be converted among formats easily using the free application Miro Video Converter, which is available here.


Known Issues and Frequently Asked Questions for Scribe 4.1.

FIREFOX 4 Scribe 4.1 will not work in the Firefox 4 browser. You must use the latest version of Firefox 3 (version 3.6.17), which is available here.

SAVING The SAVE command in Scribe 4.1 takes several seconds to complete. After saving, do not close the window or quit the browser until the blue highlight on the word SAVE is dimmed.

LOADING MOVIES In some instances when creating a new Scribe file, loading a movie will bring up a message that reads QTLoadClock Status:Error: -2000. After clicking OK on this message window, the message should disappear and the software should function normally. If the movie still doesn't load, there may be a problem in the movie format.


A recent update in Firefox has introduced a glitch in the QuickTime controls (the play button, slider, and volume control) that appear directly below the movie image on the left of the Scribe window. After creating a new Scribe file or after loading an existing file, the QuickTime controls will not function. You can correct this by going to the Firefox menu in the upper left corner of the screen and selecting About Mozilla Firefox. Then click the red button to close the dialog box that appears. The QuickTime controls will now function. You must do this each time you open a new file in Scribe.


Occasionally users may find that making corrections to the start and end times of recorded events in the Chronology does not work as planned. Specifically, attempts to enter corrected minutes or seconds values that include the digit pairs 08 or 09 will result in the value 00 appearing in their place. If you experience this problem, it can be easily corrected by replacing the file in the scribe_files folder (which is in the folder called Scribe 4.1) called scribe_analysis_ui.js with this replacement file.

VERSION COMPATIBILITY Scribe 4.1.1 is designed to run inside the Firefox browser. It will also run in some versions of Safari on Macs using the Leopard operating system. Scribe 4.1.1 will run only in Firefox (not in Safari) in the Snow Leopard (Version 10.6) operating system. If your Mac is running Snow Leopard, you must use Firefox 3 to run Scribe 4.1.1.
Scribe 4.1.1 will not run in Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger). If your computer is running Tiger, you must use Scribe 4.0.6 and Firefox 2.0.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR USERS OF THE PREVIOUS VERSION OF SCRIBE: Scribe 4.0.6 requires the Firefox 2 browser. It will not run in the latest version of Firefox, Version 3. If you do not have Firefox 2 on your computer, you must upgrade to Scribe 4.1.